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Preparing & Submitting Abstracts

Click here for a IPS_abstract template for oral, poster and symposium

The Executive Committee for IPS 2010 invites authors to submit novel scientific work in any area of primatology for inclusion in the IPS 2010 Congress Program. Oral presentations of General Sessions will be 15 minutes in duration plus 5 minutes of question time, Symposia will total 2.5 hours per session, and there will be two major dedicated poster sessions on different days. Those wishing to submit abstracts (for symposia, workshops, oral presentation or poster presentation) must be registered for the congress before submission will be possible.


The Executive Committee encourages all those intending to submit a session proposal or presentation abstract to carefully read the contents of this page.

* Registration ID & password are required to access the submission form.

Symposium/Workshop session proposals
   Symposium/Workshop session proposals is closed.

Individual Presentation (Oral, Poster, Symposium)
   Individual Presentation is closed.

Congress Sessions

The Scientific Program of IPS 2010 will accommodate a range of different session-types:

  • Plenary Sessions. There will be one hour-long plenary session per day during the Congress. Each will be composed of a keynote presentation by one of IPS 2010's invited Plenary Speakers
  • General Sessions. These include oral presentations of 20 minutes each (including questions), which when possible will be grouped together by themes. Oral presentations not assigned on submission or by invitation to a specific symposium will be allocated to a General Session.
  • Symposium Sessions. These sessions are composed of an appropriate number of oral presentations at the invitation of symposium organizers. The length of individual presentations is left to organizers, but symposia will be allowed a total 2.5 hours. Organizers must ensure that the number of slots in their symposium fits this time allotment.
  • Poster Sessions. Two Poster Sessions will take place during the Congress. Opportunities to view and present posters will be extensive, and posters are regarded as equivalent to (if not better than) oral presentations.
  • Other Sessions. Upon request to the Scientific Committee, further sessions such as Workshops, Roundtable Discussions, and Video/DVD Sessions may be accommodated.

Oral & Poster Abstracts: Abstracts may be submitted online by following the link for abstract submission. [CLICK HERE]

If you are unable to submit your abstract electronically, you may post it to the Chair of the Scientific Committee at the address below

The online submission system will be active from July 17th, 2009. Abstracts for oral and poster presentations must be submitted by January 15th 2010. Authors should indicate their preference for oral or poster presentation. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee, which will reject abstracts that do not meet the highest standards. Anecdotal reports and results of brief pilot work are usually not appropriate for submission. Any captive study should clearly indicate that their research received clearance from, and complied with, the protocols approved by the institutional/governmental animal care committees. The names of such protocols or guidelines and the name of the institutions/committees should be indicated in abstract. First authors will be notified of the status of their abstract by March 15th 2010. Based on early interest in the Congress, the Scientific Committee expects to receive a large number of abstracts and therefore only one abstract per first or corresponding / presenting author can be considered (across the whole Congress, not per session). However, delegates making an oral or poster presentation may also contribute to workshop/roundtable sessions. The Congress reserves the right to reject any abstract or proposal; the Scientific Committee will not normally enter into correspondence with submitting authors concerning rejected abstracts or proposals. Detailed guidelines for abstract preparation are given below.

Symposium Proposals: The Committee encourages interested parties to organize and submit high-quality symposia and workshops. These sessions should address topics that are current, of interest to the general membership, and include participants from several institutions. Symposia should consist of appropriate presentations in order to fit with the schedule of contributed papers. The length of each presentation is flexible, but symposia must comply with the 2.5 hour limit set by the program committee. Those wishing to organize a symposium within the congress program should submit a proposal through the online abstract submission system by October 15th 2009 for review by the Scientific Committee. (NB. the session submission option is at the foot of the first page). Symposium organizers will be informed of provisional acceptance by December 15th 2009. The symposium proposal should include the abstract (250 words max; see guidelines below), and a timetable with titles and names of authors of presentations. Organizers may want to spare some time for introduction and discussions within the 2.5 hours. Acceptance is provisional pending the submission and acceptance of sufficient oral presentation abstracts that are to make up the symposium. Title and timetable of symposia as well as all contributors’ abstracts will be included in the Congress Program.

NB. When inviting colleagues to contribute presentations to symposia, organizers should ensure that potential presenters are aware that they may only present one first/presenting author oral or poster presentation at IPS 2010.[Abstract preparation guidelines]

Workshops and Roundtable Discussions: Workshops and Roundtable Discussions are less formal than symposia. They may be applied and/or broadly theoretical, involve audience participation and/or discussion, and should address a defined goal. Those wishing to organize one of these sessions should submit information about the proposed Workshop or Roundtable Discussion (title, a list of participants, and a 250 word abstract) via the session submission section of the Congress' online submission system. The deadline for submission for review is October 15th 2009. The organizer must register for the meeting at the time of, or prior to, abstract submission. Other participants may register at any time. An overview of abstracts submitted by organizers will be published. NB. Presentations made as part of the discussion taking place in workshops/roundtable sessions are not included in the 'one first author presentation' rule, i.e. delegates can give one first author oral presentation in a general session or symposium OR one first author poster presentation in addition to taking part in workshop/roundtable sessions. [Abstract preparation guidelines].

Student Competition (for details): The Education committee will conduct the student paper and poster competition for the 2010 meeting in Kyoto. All students planning to attend the next Congress in Japan are encouraged to participate and indicate their desire to participate through the abstract submission process. We are going to a new format for the 2010 meeting in which we select 10-20 finalists based on expanded abstracts that are submitted in advance of the Congress. A timeline for submission of expanded abstracts will be available soon, but in the meantime, please indicate your desire to participate in the competition by selecting the appropriate button.
Please direct any questions you may have to
Vice President for Education and Outreach for IPS,
Dr. Elizabeth Lonsdorf, at elonsdorf@lzpoo.org.

Guidelines for the Preparation of Abstracts

These guidelines are provided for general information, but are not intended to be prescriptive.  As the abstracts will be published and may be cited, they should summarize your work so that your study can be understood without additional information.

  • The abstract submission process will require you to provide institutional affiliation of presenting and any co-authors. You will also need to supply 4 keywords to help with indexing your abstract and which will be used to assign your presentation to appropriate reviewers and sessions at the Congress. Please use words that best reflect your subject area or species beyond those already in your title.
  • When you sign-up with the online submission system you will receive an automated email that will contain your login details for the online submission system together with an attached MS Word (.doc) abstract template document which, when completed by you, will form part of your abstract submission.
  • The maximum word count is 250 words. Please check your word count before submitting your abstract.
  • The abstract must be written using 10pt Arial font.
  • Write the abstract as a single block paragraph in the appropriate space provided on the abstract template; alternatively cut-and-paste it into place from another document.
  • Use metric units of measurement, standard abbreviations and statistical symbols. Capitalize statistics (e.g. P < 0.05), but do not italicize.
  • The first sentences of the abstract should indicate the theoretical rationale or practical aims of the work. Hypotheses, objectives, research questions, or research problems should be stated clearly. If you provide methods, these should be outlined briefly with sample sizes, study duration, housing conditions and any special procedures used. Results should include explicit statements of outcomes relevant to your objectives, but note that reporting statistical tests is not necessary. Finally, any conclusions or critique should follow, whether theoretical or applied. Acknowledgement of funding sources may be included if space allows.
  • Please check spelling and grammar carefully and define all acronyms and non-standard abbreviations.
  • All abstracts of captive studies must comply with the ethical guidelines by the institutional/governmental animal care committees, and this compliance must be indicated in the abstract.
  • You will be able to re-enter the submission system to make changes to your abstract up until final submission/abstract deadline.
  • Further details about using the abstract submission system are available to authors during the submission process.


Prof Hirohisa Hirai
Chair, Committee of Program and Symposia for IPS 2010
Primate Research Institute Kyoto University
Inuyama, Aichi 484-8506 Japan


Click here for a IPS_abstract template for oral, poster and symposium