Primate Society of Japan: Top

Admission to Society

Please ask for an application form by sending an email or fax to the address below. Include your name, address, phone number, and email address.
Primate Society of Japan
c/o Dogura Co. Ltd.1-8 Nishihanaike-cho, Koyama, Kita-ku
Kyoto, 603-8148 Japan
Tel: 075-451-4844, Fax: 075-441-0436

Annual Membership Fee

Regular member: 7,000 Yen
Corporate member: 10,000 Yen
Supporting member: 20,000 Yen or above

Bank Account:

Postal Savings Account
Account Number: 01000-1-33139
Account Holder: Primate Society of Japan

MIZUHO Bank, Demachi Branch
Account Number: 1331505Account Holder: Primate Society of Japan
Please burden bank transfer fee at your expense so that the exactpayment amount (JPY) is received.

Applicants overseas are required to remit the above amount of money to PSJ by way of international postal money order, or a bank transfer directly to the above MIZUHO account of PSJ.