Presentation Guidelines

The deadline for abstracts submission for the PSJ35 has passed.

Important Notice

The deadline for accepting submissions of oral and poster presentations is 19 April 2019. Please note that this deadline is strict (i.e., it is will not be extended) and that any submissions received after this deadline cannot be considered. Presenters (the first author of an oral/poster session) must be a PSJ member. Please read these guidelines thoroughly, and complete the application process. Also, please be sure to pay the annual membership fee.

Oral Presentations

Each speaker is allocated 15 minutes in total (12 minutes for presentation; 3 minutes for questions from the audience). Each session room is equipped with a PC (OS: Microsoft Windows 10) and an LCD projector. Both PPT (Microsoft PowerPoint 2016) and PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file formats are supported.

Presenters can use either 1) a shared PC provided by the organizers or 2) their own PC. If you wish to use a shared PC, you are requested to 1) bring the presentation material on a USB memory stick and 2) do an on-site tech check and submit the material to the registration desk at least one hour before the start of your session. The file name of your presentation material should be changed to your full name before submitting. All materials in your slides, e.g. video and audio, should be embedded in your presentation file or placed in a single folder with the same name. In the morning, the registration desk tends to have a long queue; presenters of the first session are requested to take the above-mentioned procedures on the day before your presentation. The registration desk will be open throughout the congress.

If you plan to use your own laptop, a D-sub 15 or HDMI connection to the projector will be available. Please note that the time for connecting your laptop is included in your presentation time of 12 minutes. It would be helpful if you could inform a registration staff that you plan to use your own laptop at least one hour before the start of your session.

Poster Presentations

1. Poster Boards
Posters boards will be provided for each poster with the dimensions 90 cm (width) x 180 cm (height). Each poster is assigned a poster ID. Please set up your poster at the appropriate location according to the poster ID before your session starts, and take it down after your session ends. Thumb tacks will be supplied for attaching your poster to the board.

2. Presentations
Poster sessions will be held at the lobby of the 6th floor. You may hang your poster any time from 9:00 am on July 13 and must remove it by 12:30 on July 14.

3. Poster Sessions
Two poster sessions are scheduled as follows:
Session 1 (odd-numbered poster IDs): 13:45-14:15
Session 2 (even-numbered poster IDs): 14:45-15:45
Show up promptly for your assigned session and stand by your poster.

Chairing a Session

Session chairs are requested to be in the room at least 10 min before the start of the session they are to chair. It is left to the discretion of each chairperson to decide how they will chair the session, however please ensure to keep on schedule.


Please use the format of the example abstract as a template. If you use English as a language in your presentation, please write your title and abstract in English. Abstracts should include the following information: objective, methods, results, and conclusions. All PSJ members will receive a printed program with abstracts included by post.

Presentation Award for Young Scientists

If you are applying for the Presentation Award for Young Scientists, please check in a field of the abstract submission page. Applicants should be the first presenter and not more than three years should have passed since the receipt of a doctoral degree (from the last day of the present congress).