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Admission to Society

If you have a friend who are capable of Japanese, ask him/her to help filling the web form (sorry, but this web form is only in Japanese). Otherwise, please download an English form (MS Word or PDF), fill it, and send it to Dogura & Co. as an email attachment or by snail mail.

Download an English application form in MS Word format
Download an English application form in PDF format

Primate Society of Japan
c/o Dogura Co. Ltd.
1-8 Nishihanaike-cho, Koyama, Kita-ku
Kyoto, 603-8148 Japan
Tel: 075-451-4844, Fax: 075-441-0436

Annual Membership Fee

Ordinary member (while living in Japan): 6,000 Yen
Overseas member (if living outside Japan): 7,000 Yen
Corporate member: 10,000 Yen
Supporting member: 20,000 Yen or above

Bank Account:

Postal Savings Account
Account Number: 01000-1-33139
Account Holder: Primate Society of Japan

MIZUHO Bank, Demachi Branch
Account Number: 1331505
Account Holder: Primate Society of Japan
Please burden bank transfer fee at your expense so that the exactpayment amount (JPY) is received.

Applicants overseas are required to remit the above amount of money to PSJ by way of international postal money order, or a bank transfer directly to the above MIZUHO account of PSJ.

Administration staff

Officers (Since 2017 Jul.)

President: M Nakamichi
Vice-president: Y Kawamoto
General Affairs: N Nakagawa, T Nishimura
Treasurers: G Yamakoshi, N Kuze
Editors of Primate Research: M Murayama, Y Takenoshita
Public Affairs and Communication: M Nakamura, Y Shimooka
Conservation and Animal Welfare: G Hanya, S Kawamura, Y Takenoshita

Auditor: N Itoh, Y Go


General Affairs: R Akami, I Adachi, T Itoh, R Kono, D Shimizu
Treasurers: S Ichino´╝îM Fujimoto
Editorial: E Inoue, Y Kikuchi, S Nakamura, M Hayashi, A JJ MacIntosh, I Matsuda
Public Affairs and Communication: G Ohashi, K Kinoshita, K Zamma, T Hayakawa, A Saito
Conservation and Animal Welfare: H Enari, T Oi, T Ogura, Y Sakuraba, K Shirai, S Fujita, S Miyachi, Y Morimitsu, N Morimura


Primate Society of Japan
c/o Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University , Inuyama , Aichi 484-8506 Japan
Tel: 0568-63-0567, Fax: 0568-63-0085
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